Oh how I wish more people knew how incredible getting adjusted is for your overall health.

Growing up, we personally saw a chiropractor about once a month because we were all avid athletes and something was always getting injured or needing to be worked on. Fast forward to me graduating and moving to California, my first real job was working as a Chiropractic Assistant for one of the largest chiropractic clinics in the Bay Area. I worked for this clinic for five years before my position transitioned into a different aspect of the health industry. It was during that time that I got to see the miracles and healing that chiropractic provided. 

I’ve been adjusted every week for the past ten years. Isaac has been adjusted since the day he was born and every week since. Chiropractic is a major part of our “healthcare” team and value system and will continue to be no matter where we are in the world or what we are doing. 

So…Why might you get your baby adjusted? There are SOOO many reasons and benefits to having your baby see a chiropractor, but here are my top five!


Getting Your Baby Adjusted Reason No. 1: Post Birth Recovery

Birth, as beautiful, magical, and powerful as it is, is not only incredibly hard on the mother and her body, but it’s also hard on the baby, especially if baby isn’t in the most ideal position when labor starts. According to some studies, almost 70 pounds of pressure is put on the baby’s head and neck during birth. Chiropractic can help relax those muscles and help correct the proper shape and alignment that the body is meant to have.⁠

Getting Your Baby Adjusted Reason No. 2: Boosting the Immune System

Your nervous system plays a key role in your immune system and communicates with your brain when responding to an immune situation. We know that chiropractic has an impressive impact on the nervous system, thereby helping the body communicate more efficiently. We also know that chiropractic adjustments can change neuro-chemicals in the body that are related to immune system function, and can increase things such as oxytocin (where are my pregnant and postpartum mamas at? Go get adjusted).⁠

Getting Your Baby Adjusted Reason No. 3: Aids in Proper Development

There’s an optimal way that your spine should grow and form, yet many of us, due to the use of technology and sitting in chairs all day, do not have an optimal spine. Babies, like mentioned earlier, go through a bit of “trauma” as they are born…as they grow, they start to crawl, walk, fall, etc. Keeping their spine and nervous system in optimal shape as they grow is crucial for overall health. ⁠

Getting Your Baby Adjusted Reason No. 4: Aids in Digestive Issues or Constipation

I’ve seen many babies that start to have digestive issues or constipation. Sometimes, due to their underdeveloped digestive system, it’s hard to cope with the gas buildup or the breakdown of food. Chiropractic can help align the sacrum and provide relief to the stomach that can allow that gas to pass through and move….and again allowing that communication through the nervous system to flow effortlessly. We haven’t had any digestion or constipation issues with Isaac, but after every adjustment he has a bowel movement.


Getting Your Baby Adjusted Reason No. 5: Colic and Ear Infections

This isn’t something that I’ve personally dealt with in regards to Isaac, but being in an office that had chiropractic, I’ve seen many babies come in for help with ear infections. Sometimes an infant has an ear infection due to fluid buildup in the eustachian tubes. When the tube fails to drain, it leads to excessive pressure in the ear causing infection and pain to the infant. Chiropractic care can help infants find relief from ear pain and infection as it helps drain the eustachian tube by dilating the muscles around it, thus relieving pressure and unblocking it.

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