Get To Know Us Better

quiz style

1. Favorite part of living out in the country?

Room to grow, play, and live off our land

3. How many kids are you planning on having?

Right now, the plan is 3-4

5. what’s most likely playing on our tv (when it’s on) is:

a. Parks & Rec

b. The Sopranos

c. The Office

d. Outlander

7. How do you take your coffee?

Strong with a little bit of frothed heavy cream

2. Where did you meet your husband?

a. Adults sports league

b. Online

c. Work

d. Through Friends

4. A store that breaks the bank?

Home Depot, Farmer’s markets, Thrive, or Organifi

6. What are you looking forward to do with Isaac?

Traveling! We can’t wait to show him the world

8. My word of the year is?


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