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A collection of resources for the #outofbox mama

Here you’ll find checklists, guides, and products that can make this journey of being a mama just a bit easier. By no means is any of this meant to overwhelm you; the most important part of motherhood is to be congruent with what feels right for you and your family.


Free Resources

Preparing For Birth Checklist

An easy list of all the things to consider when preparing for birth

Baby Led Feeding Guide

A small guide on when and how to get stated with baby led feeding

Labor & Birth

Seven of my favorite labor and birth affirmations for you

Building a Microbiome

List of prebiotic and probiotic foods to incorporate to create a healthy microbiome

“Motherhood is so much easier when you stop explaining yourself to others and start doing what is best for you and your family. “

My Favorites

Favorite Clean Companies/Brands

01 Clean Supplements: Revelation Health

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“It’s incredibly important that the supplements you and your family take are clean and made of real materials. Many of the supplements on the market today are synthetic and haven’t been tested for toxic ingredients and heavy metals. Revelation Health is my go to company when it comes to supplements as they very carefully vet every company they include on their website.”

02 Clean Beauty:
The Detox Market

Beauty products are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to hidden chemicals and toxicity…Your skin is the largest organ, yet we don’t treat it like we would our heart or lungs. The products you use and put on your skin should be healthy enough that you could eat it! I love the detox market, as it carries multiple brands that are all on a mission to provide clean beauty!

03 Clean Oils:
Restore Hope Oils

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Nature is medicine. Our western culture has really strayed from this, but I’ve seen time and time again where nature can do some magical things. Essential Oils have so many benefits and I’ve used them in multiple ways for not only myself, but for my family. But like everything else, I have to know that the oils are pure, and free of chemicals and heavy metals. Restore Hope Oils does all of this and the founder of this company is an incredible human who is on a mission to serve! I love supporting companies and people like him.

04 Clean Coffee:
Camano Island Coffee

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If I was stranded on a dessert and only allowed to have a handful of things, coffee would be one of them… I have three requirements when it comes to coffee. First, it MUST be organic… coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops and I absolutely do not want glyphosate entering my body. Second, it MUST BE mold-free, and third, it’s awesome when people are supporting local farms, which is what Camano Island Coffee does!

My Favorites

Pregnancy Essentials...

Decaf Coffee

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Organic Heat Pad

Derma Colonizer

Boost your microbiome! Rub this on your belly everyday to not only help with your skin, but providing more probiotics into your body!

Doulgas Labratories Prenatal

LMNT Electrolytes


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Vitamin C, Zinc Support

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Intelligence of Nature

** Supports Gut and Skin Microbiome**

Vitamin D3

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My Favorites

Postpartum Essentials...


** Great for C-Section Scar Tissue Repair**

ASEA Redox

**Great to use in perineal spray bottle for healing, as well as drink orally for cellular repair**


** Great for getting nutrients into the body easily** Use code:
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Intelligence of Nature

** Supports Gut and Skin Microbiome**

Koze Red Light

**Great for C-Section Scar Tissue Repair, or any vaginal tearing** Use code:

My Favorites

Baby/Toddler Essentials...

EcoPea Co. Diapers

**Chlorine Free Diapers**

Bioray Kids Supplement Line

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Bioray Kids Supplement Line

**Supports Immune Function**

Intelligence of Nature

** Supports Gut and Skin Microbiome**

Intelligence of Nature

** Supports Gut and Skin Microbiome**

Earth Mama Products


**Great for scrapes, cuts, and burns**

Brainy Play

**Omega 3,6,9 for Kiddos**

ASEA Redox

Fun Play

**Multivitamin and Mineral Liquid**

My Favorites

Non-Toxic Home...

Branch Basics Cleaning

Primally Pure Deoderant

EMF Blocking Technology

Cast Iron Pans

My Favorites


Solely Fruit Jerky

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Sunrise Mill Flours

Simple Mills

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Lovebird Cereal

Grassfed Beef Sticks

Skout Organic Bars

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