I think pregnancy is absolutely incredible. Mamas commit to 40+ weeks (give or take a bit) of growing their little ones, and during that time the body is going through some remarkable changes.⁠ As a mama, you want to do everything in your power to ensure a healthy pregnancy for yourself and your baby. One way to do that is by getting adjusted regularly during your pregnancy. Having prenatal chiropractic care to support the body as it grows, changes, and adapts to make room for the little one you are growing inside you. Chiropractic ensures that your body is balanced and ready to adapt to bodily changes. ⁠

Here are five benefits of prenatal chiropractic care: 

  1. Reason No1 to Get Adjusted While Pregnant: Reduce Pain

As your body is making room for new life, every week presents new challenges — making sure your body is properly aligned will strengthen your body and in turn alleviate low back pain, pelvic pain including that now very tender area…your pubic bone. 

  1. Reason No2 to Get Adjusted While Pregnant: Ease Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy sometimes brings on some unique symptoms such as swollen feet, nausea, and constipation. Getting adjusted can absolutely help with this; ⁠afterall your spine directly affects your nervous system, and your nervous system controls all functions in your body.  

  1. Reason No3 to Get Adjusted While Pregnant: Reduce Stress

A chiropractic adjustment puts your nervous system in a parasympathetic state. Most of us are running around in a sympathetic-dominant state (fight or flight). Not only will this help reduce stress, but can help you sleep better, have better digestion, and allow your body to heal.⁠

  1. Reason No4 to Get Adjusted While Pregnant: Pelvic Alignment and Stability

A balanced pelvis gives baby more space to grow and lessons the chance of baby being in a breech position.⁠

  1. Reason No5 to Get Adjusted While Pregnant: Optimally Positioning Baby

An adjustment can reduce tension in the pelvis to promote optimal fetal positioning⁠. ⁠Studies have shown that allowing optimal nerve flow to your uterus & that your pelvis is balanced, through a chiropractic adjustment and the webster technique, can significantly decrease pain and time in labor! ⁠


As you head into your pregnancy, I encourage you to consider getting adjusted. As you can see, chiropractic care during pregnancy has been shown to provide a number of benefits for both mom and baby, from reducing the risk of complications to improving sleep quality. If you’re looking for an experienced chiropractor who can help keep you and your little one comfortable and healthy through delivery and beyond, be sure to comment below and I’ll see if I know of anyone in your area! And don’t forget to tag any chiro friends below who have helped make your pregnancy a breeze!

P.S If you have kiddos already, be sure to check out why it’s so important to get your kids adjusted!  

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